21 sausio, 2020

About Kaunas “Šilas” Primary School

Kaunas “Šilas” Primary School is a state budgetary institution. Its founder is Kaunas City Municipality. Its type – primary school, teaching language – Lithuanian.

Company code: 191829150

The school is a primary level education institution. The school implements primary and non-formal education programs. In the school there are 12 class complexes with 270 pupils in grades 1 to 4.

The school’s main objective is to ensure the opportunity for every student to achieve personal growth and better learning results. Each and every type of student can attend this school. The school also focuses on maintaining Lithuanian ethnic origins and traditions.

The school uses various innovations. Each classroom has computers and projectors. There are classes for IT skill improvement in this school.

At the moment, 270 students attend the school. There are 37 employees, 20 of them are teachers. The school is lead by the principal Rūta Gaidienė.

Applications and requests can be sent via e-mail in Kaunas City Municipality information system http://imokykla.kaunas.lt or by coming to school on weekdays during work hours from 8:00 to 16:00.


Kariūnų pl. 3 LT Kaunas LT-45432

Tel. (8 37) 34 58 73

E-mail address: siloprm@silas.kaunas.lm.lt